Do you feel fat, fuzzy or frazzled?  Are you struggling with fatigue or depression?  Do your diet, exercise, or career plans seem stalled?

You may be one of the millions of women with an easily treated, yet undiagnosed energy imbalance.

THE GOOD NEWS:  A doctor-nurse husband-wife team has long been effectively solving these common women’s issues in their San Francisco clinic.  Now these vitality specialists are on the radio, helping you succeed where regular health care may have fallen short.

Every Monday at 3:00 PM ET hear Drs. Karilee and Richard Shames on Intertainment Network’s Station W4WN.com &W4CY.com.  Let their thirty years as medical practitioners and best selling health authors begin to work for you!

As seasoned medical practitioners and best-selling health authors, Drs. Karilee and Rich Shames want you to feel better and ……….

have more energy for life!


To help you do this, they will each week:

  • Discuss your risk factors for Low Energy. (thyroid, adrenal or reproductive hormones; excessive job or relationship stress; hidden food allergies; undiagnosed chronic infections)
  • Offer advice regarding new lab tests you can self-order to obtain a proper diagnosis or make your treatment more effective.
  • Explore your old lab work, including better interpretation of tests
already performed.
  • Review the best standard and not-so-standard treatments that you may want to pursue.
  • Examine how your body chemicals and your brain interact with each other.
  • Evaluate your options for prescription medication versus over-the-counter remedies.
  • Define the lifestyle and mind-body issues that help restore normal good energy.
  • Interview experts in the vitality and health promotion field, each a personal example of female empowerment.

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3. www.ShamesHealth.com

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